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As part of our commitment to delivering solutions and services at the highest possible standards, and to the latest specifications and market developments, Middindi Consulting is a member of a number of leading organisations.  These all require significant investment into quality, training, expertise and deliverables and further assure our clients of our qualifications and capabilities.

Currently, we have active memberships with the following organisations:

The South African National Institute of Rock Engineering (SANIRE) promotes the advancement of the discipline of Rock Engineering through the advancement of education, maintenance of standards, nurturing of networks, facilitation of research and the promotion of rock engineering interests.


The  International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) encourages international collaboration and exchange of ideas and information between Rock Mechanics practitioners, promotes teaching, research and the advancement of knowledge in Rock Mechanics and encourages high standards of professional practice among rock engineers so that civil, mining and petroleum engineering works might be safer, more economic and less disruptive to the environment.

The  Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source news and views about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors as well as embracing a professional code of ethics. The SAIMM also attempts to fulfil what it sees as its obligations to the various communities and the environment in terms of the SAIMM’s Charter. In addition, the institute is active in bringing together the mining and metallurgical fraternity in terms of research, shared-experiences, education, personnel as well as students.

South African Council for Science Professors (SACNASP) SACNASP is the legislated regulatory body for natural science practitioners in South Africa. The natural sciences encompass a wide range of scientific fields covering all of the basic sciences and many of their applied derivatives. Our mission is to establish, direct, sustain and ensure a high level of professionalism and ethical conscience amongst our scientists.


The  Society for Mining Professors (SOMP) is a vibrant Society representing the global academic community and committed to make a significant contribution to the future of the minerals disciplines. The main goal of the Society is to guarantee the scientific, technical, academic and professional knowledge required to ensure a sustainable supply of minerals for mankind. The Society facilitates information exchange, research and teaching partnerships and other collaborative activities among its members.

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