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We have worked on more than 1500 projects and with a significant number of different clients since our inception in 2003.


Our track record and superb industry relationships speak for themselves, as does our commitment to excellence and work set to the highest standards.


Opening the tap on Renewable energy

Client: Eskom Research & Strategies and Stable Strata Engineering

A mine ranking survey was commissioned by Eskom to specifically find mines that could be used for a high head underground pump storage scheme. The survey was focussed on gold and platinum mines, which was in keeping with the primary requirements for volume availability and depth range. The project was successfully concluded by Middindi over 12 months. The database produced is arguably the most comprehensive database of derelict and/or closed mines in RSA. The criteria developed by Middindi to rank mines for use in such a scheme is novel and addresses most engineering and legal factors that must be considered when embarking on such a scheme. The project is viewed as ground breaking since its successful implementation could provide a large percentage of the shortfall in energy in RSA. Middindi Consulting was also involved in an evaluation of the potential caving of the burning front roof and its influence on breaching capping hard dolerite sills for underground coal degassification using burning fronts created by oxygenated and degassing holes. Middindi evaluated The solutions provided by Middindi enabled the UCG layout to be optimised thus creating efficient risk free energy. 
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Anglo Platinum

Value adding Compliance and strategic audits

Client: Anglo Platinum Ltd

AngloPlatinum used the services and expertise within Middindi to audit all of their mines over a two year period to determine compliance to operational standards and highlight strategic rock related aspects that could influence operations. The feedback provided by the client was positive since the audits were balanced highlighting positive areas and aspects requiring risk alleviation. The project allowed Middindi to get first hand operational experience at all of AngloPlatinum mines. It highlighted the diversity of ground conditions, support regimes and mining methods across the group and provided insight into the reasons for similarities and differences. AngloPlatinum in turn were able to use the results of the audits to benchmark rock related safety within mines belonging to the group. Reasons for non-compliance were it existed were thoroughly investigated and corrective measures suggested.
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Pallinghurst Resources

Unlocking potential resources (Definitive Feasibility Studies)

Client: Pallinghurst resources

Middindi has been involved in many interesting feasibility studies but the strength of the data acquisition programme for Sedibelo platinum makes this project unique. The client demanded a risk free and operationally implementable design and hence afforded Middindi the opportunity to gather as much data as required to fulfil these requirements. In excess of 100 geotechnical holes were logged by Middindi augmented by an extensive rock testing programme. This allowed Middindi to design at a +90% level of accuracy the following:

  1. The portals

  2. Decline dimensions and support

  3. Single reef stope geometries

  4. Multi-reef stope geometries

  5. Support for all excavations

  6. Evaluate risk with a high level of accuracy

  7. Provide cost for Capex and Opex footprints

  8. Delineate ground control districts

  9. Evaluate regional pillar designs 10. Optimise local pillar design

  10. 11. Provide standards and operating procedures.

Designs provided are defendable and thus makes the work of the on-mine based rock engineers that much more manageable
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Anglo Platinum

Making operations investable

Client: Anglo Platinum Ltd

Middindi formed part of a multi-disciplinary and multi-company team that evaluated current practices at the the Amandelbult Complex in an attempt to ensure financial feasibility of the project in the short term but also to assist in creating value in the longer term so that investment into the operation would be promotable. Middindi was tasked to review, evaluate and suggest rock engineering related practices as part of the overall mine plan that would lead to the realisation of the set outcomes. From this evaluation, a list of ciritcal, important or technically advisable issues were raised which will be used by the client to improve the techncial designs for the implementaed strategies or optimise on the strategies for longer term impacts.
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Evaluating rock engineering department practices within the mining process

Client: Goldfields of South Africa

Deloittes approached Middindi to form part of a multi-disciplinary team that was approached by Goldfields of South Africa to evaluate all processes within the company in an attemtp to improve their effectiveness within the company. Middindi was involved in the evaluation of the rock engineering and seismology service departments and assisted to derive process flow charts for activities that ranged from resource identification and characterisation, through mine design, orebody access, extraction and mine closure stages. Products and services that formed the rock engineering related deliverables to the company were listed and prioritised, whilst process flow charts were developed for each of the these and included detailed activities for planning, layout creation, numerical modelling, remnant extraction, risk assessment, accident investigation and quality control / assurance.
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Anglo Thermal Coal

Looking to the future (Technical advances)

Client: Anglo Thermal Coal

Anglo Thermal Coal used the services of Middindi under the auspices of its Capital Development Services to evaluate the potential of extracting designed coal pillars from worked and derelict mines and sections using different types of fill material. Middindi extensively utilised linear and non-linear numerical modelling techniques to evaluate pillar extraction under concept level parametrised studies. The use of system stiffness, safety factors, changes in pillar strengths with and without fill, effect of changing w:h ratios and time to failure were evaluated. Analytical solutions derived from extensive literature surveys were used to compare and contrast modelled results. Fill properties were varied to simulate the effect of quantity and quality on results. The study proved that partial pillar extraction is plausible within a defined timeframe were the risk to persons and equipment is as per normal operating conditions. Given the tens of millions of pillars that remain in the RSA coalfields, this project has huge socio economic benefits for the future of the South African coalfields for both greenfields and brownfields projects
To find out more about this project please email us.

Scotgold Resources

Unique entrants to the Mining Industry

Client: ScotGold Resources

Middindi was asked by the owners (through Bara Consulting UK) of the only gold mine in the United Kingdom based in Tyndrum, Scotland to evaluate the stope geometrical requirements for sub-level open stopes in a soon to be opened gold mine situated in the foothills of amazing snow capped and mountaineous terrain. The mining method and extraction and processing strategy was devised to have minimal environmental impacts. Middindi collected field data through extensive scanline mapping and geotechnical logging and used this data to design the geometry of the stopes. The exercise may be viewed as routine and mundane but the extraordinary beauty of the landscape in which the project was undertaken in sometimes harsh climatic conditions means this project deserves a mention. 
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Anglo Platinum

Changing the limits of existing guidelines

Client: Anglo Platinum Ltd and Delmas Colliery

Studies initiated by AngloPlatinum and Delmas Colliery required Middindi to investigate the factors that contribute to ground collapses in multi-reef environments. For AngloPlatinum this involved mining of the UG2 reef under low seperation distances from the Merensky Reef. For Delmas the No.4 seam was separated at low middlings from the No.2 Seam. Forensic investigations of collapses were thoroughly investigated followed by numerical simualtions of conceptual and real collapses. Middindi through both linear and non-linear numerical modelling techniques formulated failure mechanisms for the interburden and based on these mechanisms suggested remedial measures. Multi-reef collapses at the mines investigated have since not occurred at the scale investigated for the last decade which shows the value add of the work conducted by Middindi.
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